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5 Best Washing Machine Under 15000 Budget – Best Washing Machine

The best washing machine under 15000. Within this price range, you have many decent options to choose from. All the best brands manufacture and design machines at this price with many excellent features.

In this mid-range segment, there are a variety of options available. Most machines have a capacity of 5 kg to 6.5 kg, which is suitable for a family of 2-3 members.

If there are more members in your family, then you should look at another washing machine that weighs more than 7 kg that is suitable for a large family.

Before, when buying any of the washing machines, there are many things you should consider, such as:

What type of washing machine are you looking for?
Should it be Top Load or Front-loaded?
Or, if it is a fully automatic or semi-automatic washing machine.

All these questions are being solved in our article The best washing machine, you can also see it! We have explained it in detail in an easy way so that it helps you to understand better.

But, if you are going to read this article without going anywhere else, soon, we will explain these terms one by one. Here is the image that you can see for a rough idea.

types of washing machine in india

Fully automatic washing machine: – It contains a single motor that can do both turns as well as washing exercises, which basically do everything without the intervention of anyone else, without requiring manual intercession.

Semi-automatic washing machine: – These are entry-level clothes washers and have two tubs, one for washing and the other for drying. So you have to keep moving the garments. In addition, the Semi-automatic washing machine can allow you to save water since it does not require a constant supply of water to work.

Top loading washing machine and Front loading washing machine

In a simple way, if the opening door of a washing machine is on top that will be called as top loading washing machine and if the door is in front of the washing machine then it will be called a front loading washing machine. For further detail about these check out this article Best Washing Machine.

Now it’s time to unrevealed these 5 best washing machine under 15000. Here, we have mentioned the pros and cons of that product with all short of information you required all these list is being prepared on the basis of quality and popularity of that product so, further not wasting any of your time let’s begin with the first and most selling washing machine.

1. Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine (WA62M4100HY/TL)

As we all know Samsung company is well known for it’s electronic items whether it is the Smartphone, Television, Washing machine, etc it always is the number one choice of the customer.

Samsung’s top-loading washing machine features an embedded washbasin where its water flows with a big tap to handle the badly damaged clothes.

The washing machine accompanies the safety glass window to manage the washing procedure.

best washing machine under 15000

Air Turbo Drying System, washed clothes dry completely when removed. That’s right, I heard this right. It speeds up the drying process by moving the cylinder faster not only to concentrate more water from the heap so as not to allow more air.

The magic filter in the tub collects all the different combinations, pillows, and molecules that leave your clothes when you wash them.

The tilt LED display also contains a set of layers and simply gives you the right information you need.

  • Fully Automatic Top Loaded
  • Power 350 w
  • 700 RPM
  • Capacity 6.2 Kg
  • Great for a family of 3
  • Super Quick Drying with Air Turbo
  • Not suitable for large family
  • Uses more Water

2. LG 7.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (P8541R3SA)

The leading implementation of the LG Top Load Washing machine will make you dazzle. It improves your clothing washing experience. The Triple Wash program changes your washing machines as indicated by the fabric type, while the soak option gives you an opportunity to remove the stubborn stains from your clothes.

This washing machine uses a Roller Jet Pulsator to evenly rotate your clothes equally. This axis makes milling and helps in the disposal of dust and bugs. lg washing machine under 15000

This LG washing machine accompanies the spread of 3mm plastic which includes rat repellent chemical to keep rats away.

There are three distinct washing programs – Gentle, Normal, and Strong you can consider depending on the type of fabric to get a safe wash and rate.

  • Rust Proof drum
  • Power 410 w
  • 1000 RPM
  • Capacity 7.5 Kg
  • Great for a family of 4
  • Jet Pulsator
  • No built in heater
  • No inverter technology

3. Haier 6 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine White

Haier washing machine 6 kg at home, washing clothes will not be again an overwhelming task. Equipped with 6 wash program.

This top-loading and fully automatic washing machine feature a rust and plastic body so you can place the appliance in the bathroom, without any worry. best washing machine under 15000

Haier washing machine ensures intensive cleaning of clothes. It has 6 kinds of washing projects to suit your laundry needs.

This washing machine gives you a chance to soak up your clothes in a detergent solution before you begin the wash cycle.

Contains a sensor that analyzes the foam density

  • LED Display
  • Power 325 w
  • 700 RPM
  • Capacity 6 Kg
  • Great for a family of 2
  • Number of wash programs – 6
  • Not suitable for large family.
  • Does’t have inverter Technology.
  • No power wash
in the water and changes the time of rinsing until you get detergent-free clothes every time.

4. Samsung 7.2 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine White (WT725QPNDMPXTL)

Samsung WT725QPNDMP / XTL is a semi automatic washing machine with two twin tubs, accompanied by these outstanding features to spend less time doing laundry.

This semi automatic washing machine is up to 7.2 kg, allowing you to wash a heavy load of clothes. best samsung washing machine under 15000Samsung’s washing machine includes a dual jet system that makes water flow vertical and even in the tub.

The integrated signal for the device quickly indicates that the washing cycle has ended.

The Air Turbo Drying system quickly converts the drum, resulting in greater water extraction from your clothes.

  • Rust free
  • Power 350 w
  • 740 RPM
  • Capacity 7.2 Kg
  • Great for a family of 4
  • Not suitable for large family
  • Does’t have inverter Technology
  • Built in heater

5. Onida 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (T65GRDG)

The maximum of 6.5 kg of washing machine can wash your clothes easily and wash them off all the points without using a huge scale of water, making it a washing machine.

Onida T65GRDG washing machine that accompanies the pulsator washing strategy to give you the best results. onida washing machine

The low rotation center creates transient flows in the wash water and the forward and backward direction and forth cleans the fabric efficiently.

The stunning washing machine showcases a solid and useful plan that makes it the ideal choice for home use.

  • Plastic Best in class
  • 720 RPM
  • Capacity 6.5 Kg
  • Great for a family of 3
  • Pulsator wash
  • More consumption of water
  • Not suitable for large family
  • Does’t have inverter Technology
  • Built in heater
  • Made from plastic


Finally, we have reached at the end of this article we have discussed the 5 Best washing machine under 15000 budget. Hope you have decided the washing machine which you should buy after getting all the features and information of that product.

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